Tickmill Social Trading

Tickmill proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary Social Trading platform – Tickmill Social Trading, now live and seamlessly connecting Strategy Providers and Followers across Tickmill servers, whether on MT4 or MT5.

Successful traders can now share their trading strategies with the community as Strategy Providers and earn additional income. They are empowered to choose trading accounts that can be copied by other traders and set desired performance fees.

Strategy Providers also enjoy additional incentives: Tickmill will pay up to $30 for every new Follower who copies them for 30 days, up to a maximum of 100 traders.

Meanwhile, Followers can choose from a variety of successful traders to follow, diversifying their trading strategies and learning from the experts. Trades from the chosen Strategy Providers are automatically copied to their own accounts, allowing Followers to benefit from the success of other traders without the need for personal trading.

Prospective Followers can browse through various Strategy Providers with transparent access to their performance history, results, and terms for following (i.e., performance fees they charge).

For more comprehensive information about Tickmill Social Trading, visit: https://www.tickmill.com/id/tools/tickmill-social-trading

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