How to System 90% Rebate Income at

Calculating Forex Rebates 
Forex rebate is actually taken from the broker's income, namely the spread and commission from each trader's close transactions. This income is not only absorbed into the broker's profit, but also allocated as brokerage fees to the bank, operating costs, brokerage profits, and commission to IB or referrals. Well, the commission for IB (Introducing Broker) or Referral can be broken down into IB commission and rebates. Of course, the calculation of the costs above is not always fixed. Another forex broker, it can be another way to calculate the forex rebate that is applied. In addition, the division between the amount of the IB commission and rebate can also be different. 

Forex Rebate Schedule 
Forex Rebate Scheme is a system of giving rebates at In Lot Form. The lot count, in this case, becomes the unit of the rebate amount, the calculation uses the type of account, namely:
Classic Account $9 / Lot 
PRO Account $1.8 / Lot 
VIP Account $1.8 / Lot 
If you trade on a Classic Account as much as 50 lots per month,
then you can get a rebate of $9 x 50 = $450 a month,

For the size of a free bonus which is fixed income because it can be obtained for every transaction, the rebate range is certainly quite promising. 

Forex Rebate Calculation Time
We do forex rebate calculations at the beginning of every Monday which has been registered with our IB, ( IB98873289 ) 

we as IB only accept the calculation report from the broker. The IB also does not have access to view trader's transactions, because in this case, the broker knows better. So even if the forex rebate calculation can be done in MetaTrader, the IB will not be able to see the client's transactions.  

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