Trade New CFDs from Small Exchanges!

Rebate Tickmill

Tickmill is pleased to announce that we have added a new instrument to our already extensive set of instruments on MT4! Thanks to our recent collaboration with Small Exchange, you can now trade CFD futures on products like Cannabis, Cryptocurrency Equity Indices, Stock Indices and more!

Explore this new future world in the familiarity of the CFD and MT4 trading environment!

STIX: Small Technology 60 provides comprehensive access to the technology sector by tracking the most active information, retail, media and biotechnology stocks.

SM75: Small Stocks 75 futures (SM75) give traders access to the most active stocks from the technology, industrial, energy, financial and materials sectors with one easy trade.

SFX: Small US Dollar Futures (SFX) are priced directly into United States dollars, eliminating the need for conversion when trading foreign exchange.

SPRE: Small Precious Metals futures (SPRE) give traders easy access to the three most popular metals—gold, silver and platinum—in one easy trade.

S2Y: Small 2YR US Treasury Yield futures (S2Y) give traders simplified access to short-term interest rates for both hedging and speculation in one yield compact.

S10Y: Small 10YR US Treasury Yield futures (S10Y) let traders skip the calculations that translate yields to prices by simplifying interest rate variables into a single, compact yield.

S30Y: Small 30YR US Treasury Yield futures (S30Y) allow traders to easily invest in bonds by simplifying interest rate variables into a single, compact yield.

S420: Small Cannabis futures (S420) allows traders to speculate on manufacturers and distributors of medical and recreational cannabis products in one easy trade.

SMO: Small US Crude Oil futures (SMO) provide traders with a direct path to one of the world's most consumed energy sources at a manageable size for a historically volatile market.

SCCX: Small Cryptocurrency futures (SCCX) allows traders to invest, speculate and manage risk in cryptocurrency-based securities with one easy trade.

Small Exchange CFDs will be tradeable from Monday – Friday, 1305 – 2155 GMT.

Small Exchange aims to be the world's largest "customer-centric" futures exchange, offering Futures to retail traders. A first for Tickmill, our team of brokers has created our own pricing mechanism derived from prices coming directly from the exchange, allowing us to bring this exciting product to a wider audience.

The CFD version of this product can be useful for traders because unlike real futures contracts, there are no market data fees for the trader and most importantly, the product is offered as non-expiring CFD contracts. This means traders don't have to worry about switching positions every month from one futures contract to another.

We are always ready to help our clients on their trading journey. So if you'd like to discuss anything you've read here, contact us to ask!